'Soggy' classified docs found at UK bus stop: BBC

Over 50 pages of classified documents from the UK's defense ministry have reportedly been found at a bus stop in southern England...

... with notes in them about the NATO withdraw from Afghanistan, U.S. President Joe Biden's China strategy...

... and discussion over how Russia would react to the British warship that sailed near Crimea last week, sparking an incident with Russian forces.

That's according to the BBC, which says it's seen the documents. The papers are said to have been found by a member of the public "in a soggy heap" on Tuesday, a day before the warship incident.

Russia said on Wednesday it had fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of the ship to chase it out of it says are its territorial waters, but which Britain and the Western world say belong to Ukraine.

Britain rejected Russia's account of the incident.

It confirmed the destroyer had sailed through what it said were Ukrainian waters, describing its path as "innocent passage" in accordance with international law of the sea.

The BBC says the documents suggested the ship's mission was conducted in the expectation that Russia might respond aggressively.

The Ministry of Defence said the employee concerned reported the loss of the sensitive documents at the time, but declined to comment further, saying it would be “inappropriate.”

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