Social media users liken Neelofa and local actress Mira Filzah's outfits to 'fighting fish', Neelofa agrees

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 5 — Local actress Mira Filzah and celebrity entrepreneur Neelofa’s during a recent appearance on TV left local social media users amused.

Some likened the bright blue and red-looking abayas worn by the celebrities to a Betta fish or also known as the Siamese Fighting fish.

These comments appeared following a few behind-the-scene snippets shared by Mira on her Instagram which was a teaser for the upcoming talk show Next to Neelofa.

A user has left a comment, expressing that both of the artistes looked like a pair of Betta fish while sitting next to each other.

The comment was screenshot and reshared on portal, MeleTOP’s Instagram which has garnered over 30,000 likes with over 200 comments from amused social media users, including Neelofa herself.

“Red pen or blue, if you’re angry, I love you,” Neelofa cheekily wrote in the comment.

Other social media users were also seen complementing the outfits while applauding both of the celebrities for dressing up modestly.

“It doesn’t matter if you look like Betta fish, at least you’re covering your ‘aurat’ and looking pretty,” commented user nurulfiza93.

“It’s good to cover your ‘aurat’, Alhamdulillah,” commented user aizureen_ulin.

The ‘Next to Neelofa’ talk show will mark the return of Neelofa in showbiz after a short hiatus.

She previously told portal Gempak in February that she’s been receiving multiple offers to host some programmes for local TV,

She, however, had declined as she wanted to seek knowledge first and she had just given birth to her firstborn, Muhammad Bilal Hariz on January 31.

In April, the MeleTOP host announced that she will be returning to showbiz just three months after giving birth to Bilal and added that she has gotten her husband, Hariz Ismail’s full consent.

Neelofa and Hariz tied the knot on March 27, last year.