Social media users amused by singer Aina Abdul’s ‘duit raya’ kebaya in Hari Raya music video (VIDEO)

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Aina Abdul in the duit raya kebaya dress. — Picture via Instagram/ Aina Abdul
Aina Abdul in the duit raya kebaya dress. — Picture via Instagram/ Aina Abdul

KUALA LUMPUR, April 26 — Singer Aina Abdul turns heads with her distinctive fashion sense and with Hari Raya around the corner, her latest outfit is a kebaya dress - made with ‘duit raya’,

The outfit was featured in Aina’s latest Hari Raya music video Gema Raya where the singer can be seen flaunting a few contemporary outfits including the kebaya dress that appears to be made from RM10 notes.

Hijabista repoted that the kebaya dress worn by Aina was designed by local designers, Wan & Mary and the RM10 notes is not real currency, rather a collection of ‘duit raya’ envelopes that look like actual RM10 notes.

One of the designers, Wan, said that the initial idea for the dress was to make a traditional kebaya with elements of peplum before the decision to add the duit raya envelopes to make the design more interesting.

“We used over 200 packets of duit raya envelopes which look like RM10 notes to decorate Aina’s dress.

“It took us only three days to finish the outfit. Alhamdulillah Aina was open to the idea and accepted the design with open arms,” Wan said.

Since it was uploaded last night, Gema Raya has been viewed over 60,000 times on Youtube and it is currently at number 40 on Youtube Malaysia’s trending list.

Many viewers were amused by Aina’s choice of outfits in the video.

“Ainaa! I love your Raya song! You are slaying all those outfit changes girl. Love it so much. The story line made me teary-eyed too. Great job. Excellent!” commented user Nephi Acaling.

“Sobbing like a baby. And impressed at the same time. By the quality of singing, acting and fashion. Aina tapau habis! (Aina takes it all)” user Saitama Genos commented.

Aina’s kebaya dress is also making waves on Twitter.

“I think Aina Abdul should be the queen of outfits. All her clothes are really out of the box,” tweeted user bebereen.

“Who wants duit raya? Come pick it yourself,” commented fnjiha along with a screenshot of Aina’s outfit.

“The reason I watched Aina Abdul’s MV is because I want to know what kind of fashion outfit she’s wearing this time. And not to mention her voice,” said ZynJamal.

In the nine-minute MV, Aina can be seen in at least four different outfits.

Aina’s avant-garde fashion sense and outfits have made headlines a few times previously.

One of the most memorable was her black maxi velvet dress by high-end fashion brand Behati, along with a massive rose headpiece, and black high heels.

She was seen flaunting the outfit at the 2021 Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian.

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