Social Media Mocks Trump For Messy Conditions Of Mar-A-Lago Documents

A series of new photos related to the Mar-a-Lagoclassified documents scandal is giving people on social media fresh opportunities to mock Donald Trump.

Special counsel Jack Smith released the photos Monday in response to a motion filed by Trump lawyers to toss out the indictment against the former president.

The motion seeks to suppress all evidence seized during the FBI’s court-authorized search in 2022, arguing that the agents conducting the search didn’t maintain the order of the documents as they were found, CBS News reports.

Smith and his team have acknowledged that some documents in the boxes are no longer in the precise order as they were when the search occurred. But they also contend that this is irrelevant to the defendants’ ability to examine the evidence.

Smith’s team also noted that boxes containing sensitive material were stored in a “haphazard manner,” and praised the FBI agents who conducted the search for carrying it out “professionally, thoroughly, and carefully under challenging circumstances.”

You can see the new photos courtesy of a post by podcaster Allison Gill.

And, yes, mockery soon commenced.