Soccer Fans Wave Pride Flags After UEFA Refuses to Illuminate Munich Stadium With Rainbow Colors

The UEFA refused the mayor of Munich’s request to light up Allianz Arena with pride colors for Germany’s match against Hungary on June 23, with supporters at the stadium waving Pride flags in opposition.

Footage captured by Daloha Rodriguez-Molina shows a gathering of people holding Pride flags and other displays outside Allianz Arena.

Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter of Munich had lobbied the UEFA to light up the stadium in rainbow colors in order to “send a widely visible signal for our common understanding of values,” according to local news reports, as well as oppose Hungary’s newly passed law forbidding sharing LGBT content with minors.

After Wednesday’s game, the German soccer team had qualified for the European Championship round of 16, while the Hungarian team was out, the UEFA said. Credit: Daloha Rodriguez-Molina/@darokun via Storyful

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