Soccer fans turn to music to make up for the atmosphere lacking at matches

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Forced by the pandemic to watch games on TV, soccer fans are turning to music to compensate for the lack of the stadium atmosphere they miss so much. According to the music streaming platform Spotify, "We are the champions" by Queen and "Allez, Allez Allez" by Jamie Webster are among the hits they listen to most. 

We are living in strange times for sports and sports fans. Leagues and cup competitions resumed several months ago, but the health crisis still weighs heavily on the atmosphere at events, especially in the world of soccer. This not only affects teams, who have to play in empty stadiums, but also fans, who are watching games at home on TV.

Having said that, supporters have come up with a few tricks to create a little atmosphere. And, as a recent Spotify survey explains, they mostly do it with sound. According to a study by the music streaming platform, 74% of fans miss the chants and cheering of supporters during matches, particularly when their favorite teams score goals (80%).

To make up for this, they are doing more than listening to the slightly eerie soundtracks of old matches which TV stations are now mixing with live games. When watching at home, nine percent of supporters put on soccer anthems when their team scores or wins a match, while 12% of those surveyed listen to sports podcasts before and after games to get into the mood.

In Spain, the Real Madrid anthem "Hala Madrid" is the most often chosen track. In August, the number of times it was played on Spotify increased by 64%. In the UK, the titles "You'll never walk alone," by Gerry & The Pacemakers, and "Allez Allez Allez" by Jamie Webster (a popular song with supporters of Liverpool FC) are the most in demand. 

As for French soccer fans, the top-ranked soccer hit on the platform is "We Are the Champions" by the legendary British band Queen.