Soap Guide: w/c Saturday, March 18

Can Zack Come Clean?EastEnders (BBC1)Following some words of wisdom from Martin, Zack comes up with a way to pay tribute to his daughter, Peach. Despite her initial misgivings, Whitney attends the ceremony, and the grieving parents share a kiss – until Zack pulls away.Whitney feels rejected, but Zack can’t find the words to tell her about his HIV diagnosis. He later attends an appointment at the clinic, where Sam asks some difficult questions on his behalf, but can she also persuade him to finally be honest with Whitney?Ravi gets flirty with Chelsea, and when he hears she’s been summoned to a family games night, he invites himself along – and proceeds to make both Jack and Denise feel very uncomfortable.Later, Ravi tells Jack he will stay away from Chelsea in return for intel about the investigation, but he has a different proposition for Denise.Emma intrudes on Lexi’s Mother’s Day with Lola, only to then bolt when the subject of her past is raised, and Stacey is running out of time to pay back the loan shark.

Stephen Strikes Again?Coronation Street (ITV)Peter discovers Stephen is in charge of the factory and accuses him of stabbing Carla in the back, metaphorically speaking. Will Stephen launch a more literal attack when Rufus threatens to reveal that Carla was being drugged unless he gets the sole rights to Nippersnapper?Peter also suggests Paul is faking his injuries, but a referral to the neurologist reveals that his health problems are very real, albeit unlikely to be connected to the accident. Where will that leave Paul’s plans for his compensation?Nick feels betrayed when he discovers the identity of Damon’s new solicitor – Adam. Sarah isn’t happy either and tells her husband she’ll be going to the hotel they booked for a date night alone. She gets talking to a man she meets in the bar and invites him up to her room, unaware it’s really Damon.Cerebus comes down with a very serious case of food poisoning, and Evelyn thinks she knows just who to blame after Roy admits to dropping an Eccles cake near the poorly pooch, while Daisy gets a surprise on her hen do.

Alex Shows His True ColoursEmmerdale (ITV)Naomi believes things are going well with Alex, and even Chas and Belle spotting him handing money to another woman when he was supposed to be at a job interview can’t convince her otherwise.However, while she thinks they are stronger than ever, it turns out he sees their relationship as a means to an end – and his ultimate goal is to rob the surgery. So, when Manpreet disturbs him in the act, will she become a victim?Bob does his best to support Cathy, who is shocked by a potential diagnosis, and Paddy makes amends with birthday boy Marlon. He also finds a new place to live when Liam invites him to move in, but Paddy’s new housemate doesn’t realise that Bear will be making himself at home too.Meanwhile, Moira is put in charge of organising Charity and Mack’s join hen and stag party, but she is more concerned with finding out why her brother is acting so strangely towards Chloe and if he’s really ready to sacrifice being a father.

Mother of All ProblemsHollyoaks (Channel 4)Soapland loves to mark the big occasions and as it’s Mother’s Day this week, you can expect the action to revolve around that particular celebration.Sure enough, things are looking bleak for Mercedes – until Bobby returns holding gifts and flowers for his mum. Mercedes is finally happy, but all may not be quite as it seems…Elsewhere Zoe’s mum Sharon arrives in the village – and to make things even better, she’s played by none other than Jamelia. Sharon explains that she’s had a trial shift at the Dee Valley Hospital. Pearl is delighted by her daughter’s visit on this special occasion, but Zoe is unconvinced that she will stay for long.Meanwhile the big news in the village revolves around Norma and her plan to kidnap the twins. Sienna notices that their passports are missing, but it’s too late – she, Warren and the kids are gone. But a chance turn of events sees them return, only for Norma to panic and cause a terrible accident.

Rose’s Bros DilemmaHome & AwayRose finds herself on the horns of an unenviable dilemma this week, having caught Stacey cheating on Xander. Stacey begs her to stay quiet, and sets about playing the perfect partner, but Rose’s allegiance is to her brother, and she struggles to keep quiet while watching Stacey’s sickening display.Elsewhere, Eden’s coma stretches on, and Remi remains out of action with his hand, so Lyrik’s gigs are all on hold – which is bad news for Kirby who, worried about keeping a roof over the band’s heads, considers getting another job.And Dean and Ziggy have a surprise visitor, in the form of Dean’s mum, Karen. She’s thrilled that she is about to become a grandmother, and enthusiastically invites herself to move in.Which, as one might imagine, comes as quite an unpleasant shock for the expectant parents…