Snowmobiler Witnesses Wolves Chasing Coyote in Ontario

An Ontario man had a dramatic encounter with nature at its most primal when he saw two wolves chasing a coyote near a remote lake.

Ryan Thorburn said he was by the lake when he saw what looked like three dogs approaching. They turned out to be two wolves in pursuit of a coyote.

Thorburn began filming in time to catch the coyote and one of the wolves as they raced past his snowmobile.

“I had not seen anything like that and I have spent much of my time in the wilderness, I feel quite special to have something like that happen to me,” Thorburn told Storyful.

A few moments later, Thorburn said he saw the wolves pinning the coyote down at the far end of the lake. “When I went to take another picture, the wolves caught wind of me and ran into the bush and the coyote got up and limped away,” he told Storyful.

On Facebook, Thorburn posted a photo of the bloodied snow where the coyote had been attacked. Credit: Ryan Thorburn via Storyful