Snoop Dogg says Martha Stewart and Matthew McConaughey cooked him 'the best meal' he's ever had

In partnership with Snoop Dogg, Corona is releasing a line of insulated can sleeves that play the iconic rapper's words of wisdom. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)
Snoop Dogg says he's a big fan of glazed donuts while on set. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)

Because food connects us all, Yahoo Life is serving up a heaping plateful of table talk with people who are passionate about what's on their menu in Deglazed, a series about food.

Gone are the days when rapper Snoop Dogg could be found sippin' on gin and juice.

These days, the 50-year-old father and grandfather has a new go-to cocktail. "I used to drink gin and juice a lot," he admits. "But now, I've been drinking that [vodka] with fruit punch."

Snoop also has an all-time favorite meal: Wagyu steak prepared by his friend Martha Stewart, and an unexpected assistant.

"Her and Matthew McConaughey cooked Wagyu — oh my god," he says. "Matthew — I ain't never seen anybody put this kind of rub on a steak — but when they put it on, it was the best meal I've ever had."

Stewart is scheduled to open a restaurant in Las Vegas later this summer — The Bedford at the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino — the grand opening of which is an event Snoop is hoping to attend. "I may show up to that," he says. "She asked me to show up, and I think my schedule will permit me to show up and be there and have a meal ... on Martha."

Snoop has a project of his own launching this summer as well, Day Shift, a Netflix film in which he plays a vampire hunter alongside actor Jamie Foxx. "Me and Jamie Foxx are in there having a great time," he says. "It's from the stunt coordinators of John Wick, so it's action-packed and I'm doing my own stunts. It's a great movie, it's got great music [and it's] coming to a hood near you."

His favorite on-set snack while filming the vampire flick? "Glazed donuts," he says, "They're easy to get to and they don't mess my outfit up or mess my makeup up, know what I'm saying?"

At home, he has other cravings. "I gotta have Skittles late night," he says, "the blue ones. Tropical Skittles."

And, when he gets his family together for a family meal, it's all about making the grandkids happy.

"When we get the family together I like to cook party wings and French fries," he says. "My grandkids love the French fries and they love the flats of the party wings — not the drums — they like the flats."

His secret to good wings? "I put barbecue potato chips in the batter," he adds. "It crisps them up and it gives it some flavor, too."

Still, if the "Who am I? (What's my name?)" rapper could have dinner anywhere in the world tonight, he'd take a flight Down Under.

"I would fly to Australia," he says, "and I would have lobster thermidor on the beach, and I would also have some shrimp on the barbie."

Snoop spoke with Yahoo Life as part of his work with Corona, where he's currently serving as has a "fine life ambassador" for the brand. Together with Snoop, Corona is running a sweepstakes from July 12-14 where fans can enter to win insulated sleeves, called "Snoop Cans," equipped with a speaker and able to play pre-recorded affirmations from Snoop with the press of a button.

"You've got a brand that's official like a referee with a whistle and you've got Snoop Dogg, who has never promoted any beer on this level," Snoop says. "It just made sense to take our creative minds and figure out ways to push it, promote it, market it and make it a fine life thing."

"Snoop Cans," insulated can sleeves that play the rapper's pre-recorded voice, are available via sweepstakes entry. (Photo: Corona)
"Snoop Cans," insulated can sleeves that play the rapper's pre-recorded voice, are available via sweepstakes entry. (Photo: Corona)

Among the wise words from Snoop that will be shared through the can sleeves? "I am letting go of anything that doesn't serve me — unless it's served with a lime," and, "When life hands me lemons, I ask life if they've got any limes instead."

So which of the sayings is the rap mogul's favorite?

"I like all of them because I feel like there's one for everybody," he says. "It's like with my kids and my grandbabies, I don't got no favorites, I love them all the same."

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