SNL Video: Please Don’t Destroy Gets Way Too High With Musical Guest Travis Scott

The comedy trio Please Don’t Destroy found themselves in a place no one ever wants to be on a Saturday night: way, way too high in the middle of a crowded nightclub with Travis Scott.

During this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, Please Don’t Destroy aka Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy went on a joyride to a function with musical guest Scott. They smoked blunt after blunt in a party bus while rapping about their upcoming night of debauchery. But as soon as they roll up to the club, a celebratory Scott looks over to find the group in a bad, bad way.

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With bloodshot eyes and panic-stricken faces, the men are not riding high; they are paranoid and afraid. Plagued by a serious case of cannabis-induced anxiety, Herlihy wonders if he’s forgotten how to stand normal! Soon enough, Marshall is even confronting a bouncer: “Hey, do you hate me? You can tell me,” he sings before begging the beefed up bodyguard to hold him like a baby. Meanwhile Higgins is “tripping” thinking about his mom and his dad, totally bewildered that his life began by coming out of his mother’s birth canal.

Elsewhere in the club, despite being completely sober, guest host Ramy Youssef’s own mind is racing. First, he overthinks his choice of attire. (The man did wear cargo shorts, so that’s sort of warranted.) This point of anxiety is ultimately assuaged after he tapes together bar napkins to cover up his calves. Napkin pants!

Then, Youssef can’t stop thinking about an earlier comment he made about having a “twisted, rockin’ ball with Travis Scott.” What an uncool thing to say! He calms down by telling himself everyone else has already probably already forgotten about it, right?! But unfortunately for Youssef, we get a glimpse of Martin still thinking about it on the toilet.

The musical sketch ends with a visit to the emergency room, where the Please Don’t Destroy boys receive an official medical diagnosis: “gigantic p—sies.”

Watch the full sketch above, then grade this week’s SNL hosted by Youssef and featuring musical guest Travis Scott.

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