SNL Video: Kate McKinnon Returns to Manhandle Ryan Gosling During Another Steamy Alien Abduction

Saturday Night Live wasted no time getting to the good stuff this week: another alien abduction sketch, with host Ryan Gosling joined by (and trying hard not to laugh at) former cast member Kate McKinnon.

In the cold open, Gosling returned as alien abductee Todd, with McKinnon reprising her role as the chain-smoking Miss Rafferty, who always has a much less pleasant encounter with the extraterrestrials. (The sketch debuted in 2015 with Gosling as host and returned for his 2017 stint as well.) This time, Todd and Miss Rafferty were joined by Sarah Sherman’s other abductee… and Todd wants to clarify first: “I’m just realizing that I was wearing the same outfit the last time I was here. I just want you to know I do have other clothes.”

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For Todd and Sherman’s character, the alien encounter was transcendent bliss, but Miss Rafferty had a tougher road. She “was by the lake taking a whore bath” when she got “sucked up by a giant vacuum cleaner hose” and came face to face with the gray aliens again. While Todd tried to recreate the aliens’ beautiful humming language, Miss Rafferty complained that the aliens were “batting at my knockers” and “staring down the barrel of my south mouth.” But “their heart wasn’t in it,” she admitted.

Todd remembered that the aliens were impressed by him because “they’re smooth down there… no dong,” while he’s “packing a troll nose” down there. (And if you haven’t heard the term “troll nose” before, “you must be hanging out at a different bowling alley than we are.”) He stood up, and Rafferty demonstrated how they “checked under his hood,” batting at and sniffing his crotch: “One guy, he tried to wear it like a hat.” As for Rafferty’s departure, it wasn’t so cordial: She said the aliens “bitch-slapped me out of an open hatch,” and she landed on… Kim Jong-Un’s face in North Korea? “But hey, not the worst place I’ve been on all fours,” she sniffed.

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