SNL Video: Colin Jost and Michael Che Swap Jokes About Kendrick Lamar, Scarlett Johansson and More

The Saturday Night Live tradition continues!

As in recent finale episodes, Michael Che and Colin Jost wrote each other’s jokes during the Weekend Update segment in this year’s Season 49 finale. The idea is “to give each other fun jokes, almost supportive jokes, that would never ruin our summer or career,” Jost explained. Though, of course, the exercise devolved into the most giggly affair as the two comedians read provocative lines that would otherwise be deemed tasteless.

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One of the highlights? Jost tried to spark a feud between Che and Kendrick Lamar, the rapper who has made headlines in recent weeks for his beef with fellow artist Drake. Che called Lamar “the biggest bitch of all — or should I say littlest?” before making a major declaration.

“Your war with Drake may be over, but your war with Michael Che is just beginning. So to quote Hamilton, ‘Shoot your shot, player,'” he added amid a fit of laughter.

“That was pretty well done, man. I don’t like that one bit,” Che admitted, praising Jost for his joke.

Che was also forced to deliver jokes about women being punched by a New York City man on TikTok, sexual abuse in the Catholic church and more. But Che came prepared with his own jokes to get right back at Jost, even bringing in a real-life rabbi to intimidate his on-screen partner as he read off increasingly uncomfortable lines.

Jost began with a bit about Jerry Seinfeld’s recent commencement speech at Duke University, mentioning that several pro-Palestinian protestors walked out.

“I think that’s disgraceful. During these difficult times it’s important to support our Jewish friends. That’s why the only chant you’ll hear from me is, ‘Free [Harvey] Weinstein,’” Jost read.

Jost read off another joke written by Che, about his wife Scarlett Johansson. The joke makes mention of Her, the 2013 film where Johansson voices an AI character. Though Jost reads, “I’ve never bothered to watch, because without that body what’s the point of listening?”

Watch the full sketch above, and then grade this week’s SNL hosted by Jake Gyllenhaal in our poll below.

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