SNL Video: America’s No. 1 Meal Kit for Comedians? Dog Food!

“It’s funny because it’s true,” goes the old folk wisdom. The flip side of that is, if it’s too true, it might cross the line between comedy and uncomfortable truth. So — for anyone who’s ever had meal replacement bars, powders, or shakes — this is your warning. Everyone else: please enjoy the latest Please Don’t Destroy video from this weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

Combining two great comedy staples — the gross-out, and dumb things dudes do — “Dawg Food” features Ben Marshall trying to come to grips with his writing partners John Higgins and Martin Herlihy eating… dog food.

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Well, not dog food dog food. More like Dawg Food dog food. Which is really just dog food. The bag reads, “Easy Meals for the Fellas.” If you’ve ever been on websites for things like Soylent or Huel — which market themselves for on-the-go bros who just don’t have the time or energy or skills to feed themselves — the marketing is pretty much exactly the same.

Your brain will tell you that these are performers and that isn’t kibble, it’s just Cocoa Puffs – but the visual of the dog food bowls goes a long way in selling the grossness of the gag. Herlihy is the real lynchpin of the sketch though; his face-first dive into the bowl is equal parts excited dog, exhausted dog and wake ‘n’ bake stoner. His 100% commitment to a 100% stupid bit is comedy gold.

And a special shout-out to the production designers who have portion sizes on the back of the bag: one scoop for a “Short King,” two scoops for a “Fella,” and three scoops for a “Big Boy.” Also, the nutrition bullet points on the front read “60 GRAMS PARTS,” “33% MATTER,” “94% FOOD,” and “100 KINDS OF CALORIES.”

Watch the video above, then weigh on in this week’s SNL hosted by Nate Bargatze:

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