“SNL” squashes 'silly' Kendrick Lamar vs Drake rap beef with Dua Lipa and a little help from 'AI'

"Y'all, these diss tracks are getting insane."

Dua Lipa took a brief break from Radical Optimism to wade into a full-blown mess.

While pulling double duty as both Saturday Night Live’s host and musical guest, Lipa starred in a sketch addressing the scorching hot rap battle that sees Drake and Kendrick Lamar trading diss tracks. Lipa stars alongside cast members Mikey Day, Heidi Gardner, and Devon Walker as morning talk show hosts who try (and mostly fail) to break down the rap feud.

"You got Kanye, Two Pack, Shoop Dog, As Soon As Possible Rocky,” said Day, attempting to name the rappers who got mixed into the Drake-Kendrick beef “like they were chopped onions and cayenne pepper.”

Gardner added: "And where does Wayne Brady stand? Has he responded?”

After cutting to Walker, a weatherman who desperately does not want to weigh in on the matter, they turn the mock morning show over to culture critic Wanda Weems, played by Lipa.

<p>Saturday Night Live/Youtube</p> Dua Lipa on 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live/Youtube

Dua Lipa on 'SNL'

“Y’all, these diss tracks are getting insane. I’ve been away for the past 48 hours trying to piece it all together,” Lipa said. Sure enough, she’s seen standing in front of a white board that features photos of the two rappers — connected by yarn and Post-Its — with such relevant phrases as "shoe size," “Aubrey,” and “OVO.”

Before Weems delivers her weak discoveries, we learn that the her rap knowledge only extends as far as… Elton John.

"One clue on the song 'Euphoria,' when Kendrick describes Drake as Canadian, that’s because Drake is from Toronto,” said Lipa as Weems, earning gasps from her co-hosts.

<p>Rich Fury/Getty; Stefanie Keenan/Getty</p> Drake and Kendrick Lamar

Rich Fury/Getty; Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Drake and Kendrick Lamar

She goes on to make other observations that boil down to basic knowledge — including the news that Tupac's estate threatened legal action after Drake used an AI version of the rappers voice for one of his tracks. Then, her co-hosts make an attempt to squash the beef once and for all.

With Walker watching in horror, Day and Gardner use cardboard cutouts of the rappers, which they weirdly refer to as AI, and force them to apologize.

"Shame on me for doing those mean raps about you," says Gardner's Kendrick.

"Well bless your heart for saying that,” says Day as Drake. “Shame on me too, I suppose.”

In reality, no apologies have been exchanged. Drake and Lamar’s back-and-forth diss tracks are still dominating social media as fans react to the duo getting extremely personal, and trading barbs about one-another’s families and personal lives. In the past weekend alone, Lamar has released three songs directly targeting Drake with scorching lyrics that namedrop members of his family and entourage.

You can watch the SNL sketch about the feud above.

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