SNL Music Video: Naked Emma Stone Leaves It All Flappin’ in the Breeze

When you’ve got a singer the caliber of Emma Stone to host Saturday Night Live — she played Sally Bowles in a Broadway production of Cabaret and won an Oscar for her work in the musical La La Land for crying out loud!  you’re obviously going to put her in a musical number.

Also, if at all possible, it will be butt-ass naked.

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“Fully Naked in New York” suggests that when the grime, sadness and filth of the big city gets you down, the best thing to do is to lean into it. Stone and Bowen Yang open the sketch singing about being depressed before revealing, in every sense of the word, their solution: “Riding on the back of a garbage truck fully naked in the middle of New York City at 11 a.m.”

Before the shock of seeing — it should be reiterated, Oscar-winning actress — Stone nude wears off, the grossness of the situation takes over. The embarrassment and mortification of no clothes in the middle of the largest city in the U.S. is one thing, but imagining your bits grinding up against a truck full of oozing garbage is another level entirely.

And the sketch does dive into the squick: Yang rubs up against a bedbug-ridden mattress, Sarah Sherman squats down to pick up rats with her bare hands, and Stone steps in a mystery liquid that appears to be mostly creamed corn…? Fortunately, Marcello Hernandez, Chloe Troast, Andrew Dismukes, Punkie Johnson and Chloe Fineman have it a little easier, working slightly less dirty jobs and helping out with a little dance number.

To be fair, there are some clothes involved. Stone and Yang wear gloves “in case there’s sharp stuff in the trash,” and – in the 8 p.m. airing, at any rate, the effects department forgot to blur a shot of Troast who can be seen wearing standard beige modesty wear. In case you were worried that the host actually had her “big white ass flapping in the breeze.”

Watch a clip above, then grade this week’s SNL:

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