Sneaky Snake Found Lurking in Tumble Dryer at Queensland Home

A snake catcher in Queensland came to the aid of a Sunshine Coast family when he found a sneaky snake hiding in the back of their tumble dryer.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted video to Facebook on December 16 showing him looking for the elusive snake, eventually finding it “deep in the dryer” after searching “everywhere”.

“We were called out last night for a carpet python seen in a family’s laundry area,” McKenzie wrote in the Facebook post.

“They had shut the door and put a towel under the door, so we knew it was in there somewhere, but it was a matter of finding the sneaky snake,” he wrote. “Finally, it was located inside the back of the dryer!”

McKenzie added that the snake was “happily relocated elsewhere”. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript



- In here?

- Yeah. So Molly went a bit overboard.

- Oh, no. Good overboard than not overboard.

- Thank you. Thank you. [LAUGHS]

- Trust me-- yeah.

- She also hasn't got down off the bed.


- You're up on the bench.

- All right. And what do you think it is?

- Think it's a python.

- OK. Where was it last seen?

- So last seen behind the washing machine. I think you saw it last in your [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, it's gone down behind the--

- Gone down behind the washing machine there.

- What's that?

- So we found that this afternoon as well.

- Yeah, right.

- So yeah, what is that?

- Oh, no. [INAUDIBLE]

- The cats-- so this--

- Yeah, it's a little white crown snake.

- What is it?

- A little white crown snake.

- Oh.

- Yes. Maybe the cats bought it.

- So yeah. So the cats go out that-- that bit there. And that's an enclosed cattery.

- Yeah, OK.

- But obviously, there's a hole in it now.


- Trying to film to get this. If there is something here.

- Not in there? Like, where is it? It has to be in there somewhere. You closed that window so fast.

- [INAUDIBLE] searched everywhere. And there he is. He's literally in the back. Oh, no. He's not even in the back. He's deep in the dryer. Hiding.

- So yeah, if it's too bright out here, it just won't come out.

Ha ha. You can turn the light back on now.

- [GASPS] Oh god. Lord have mercy! God. [LAUGHS] That is huge!

- No, it's not huge.

- That's big.

- There he is. So yeah. Turn the light off and give him a little bit of a poke and--

- Are you kidding? That thing is huge.

- It's not that big.

- No way it's not.

- It's actually tiny.

- It's small.

- But we're getting him in the bag and back out in the bush where he belongs.

- Oh my god.


- All right, Mr. Dryer snake. Back in the bush where you belong. [INAUDIBLE] hey? Was about to give up too. That's why we always need to check absolutely everywhere. Of course, it was in the, uh, the last spot I looked.