Snake Snacks on Lorikeet While Hanging From Gutter of Queensland Home

A Queensland catcher was called to remove a snake found snacking on a lorikeet as it hung from the gutter of a Sunshine Coast home on June 9.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted video to Facebook, which shows the python trying to eat the bird while hanging out at the home in Buderim, before being successfully relocated by McKenzie.

“We let the snake try and eat the bird but it ended up spitting it out as it was very cold and it seemed like the snake gave up,” McKenzie wrote alongside the footage, adding that the python may have also been “disturbed” by them watching it.

“When I picked the snake up it was extremely cold so it would have been very hard for the snake to try and swallow the bird and digest it,” he wrote. McKenzie nonetheless left the bird with the snake at the release spot, in case it decided to finish its meal. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: Just had a phone call come in for a snake dangling off a guttering at a home in Buderim. Now, he says it's actually got a lorikeet in its mouth, as well. It's pretty crazy that, even though-- it is cold outside, cold for us sunny coasters, it's about 16 degrees outside, and snakes are still eating. So we'll see-- it might take it ages to try and swallow it, but yeah, we'll get there and relocate both the bird and the snake elsewhere.

Oh, no, he's still eating it. That's cool. We'll give them a chance to eat it. It's crazy-- it's, what, probably 17 degrees out, it's pretty cold, and they're still trying to get food on a warm-- well, it warmed up a little bit today, the sun was out, but you certainly wouldn't call it hot.


STUART MCKENZIE: There we go. Oh, it's actually-- the snake's in the roof, too. Hey, buddy. There he is. In you go, buddy.

You can come with us, and we'll try and-- we'll leave it with him in the release spot. They don't usually take it back, but you never know.

[INAUDIBLE] I brought the bird with us. I think it was just too cold. We'd never touched the snake or anything, it actually dropped the bird by itself. Apparently, it'd been sitting there for a little while.

But we'll keep the bird out here. It'll probably get eaten by the snake or something else. But yeah, this snake is like it's come out of the freezer, even though it's been sunny today. Yeah, it's still quite cold. All right, bud, see you later.

Just a reminder to everyone-- obviously, the snakes we're catching at the moment are extremely cold. Even if they've been sitting in the sun for a while, we find that they're quite cold. So if you do have one in your backyard, it's probably not going to move too quickly. So make sure you just keep pets, and kids, and any neighbors away from it. And give us a call if you need it relocated.

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