Snake rescued after getting stuck inside pipe in Thailand

A snake with a bulging belly had to be rescued after getting stuck inside a pipe. The reptile was found wriggling aggressively while trying to free itself in the backyard of a house in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand on March 15. House owner Phornphan Phoolklub heard strange noises outside their house during the night so they went out to check in case it was a thief. However, they saw the 5ft-long rat snake instead stuck on the narrow plastic pipe part. They tried to help the animal but it was too aggressive so they called the rescuers for help. Phornphan said the snake seemed desperate to escape the pipe as it was shaking uncontrollably all over their backyard. He said: ‘My dad heard something strange outside our house during the night and we went out to check. We then saw a snake trapped in a pipe. It was a scary and creepy image but I couldn’t stop laughing at the poor animal. So, we tried to release it from the pipe.’ The rescue team first pinned the animal’s head down using a pole to keep it still during the operation as they would use a sharp cutting tool. A rescue volunteer secured its head on the ground while his colleague held its body and tried to pull the pipe out but without success. He then took out a metal saw and began cutting the plastic pipe fitting away until he was able to crack it open and free the animal. After almost half an hour, the snake was free and was placed inside a sack to be released later into the wild. The relieved house owner thanked the rescuers who drove away with the snake back to the wildlife centre. Phornphan added that the snake may have entered their backyard when it was stuck so it could ask people for help. He said: ‘The clever snake may have been trying to get our attention and made all that noise so we could help it out of the pipe.'