Snake handlers in Thailand smash open ceiling to catch two reptiles living inside

Rescuers had to tear down the ceiling of a house to catch two snakes that had taken over the vacant property.

Anawin Sukhanon heard the reptiles slithering above his head when he visited his father's home in Uthai Thani, central Thailand.

Despite hi fears, he stayed the night then called rescue team the following morning to catch the snakes as he was concerned about them biting him.

The rescue team had a hard time searching for the snake because they could not locate the exact spot where they were hiding.

Since the ceiling is the only place left unsearched, the house owner gave the animal catchers permission to smash open the property.

There they found a 5ft long golden tree snake hiding on the ceiling which was caught easily.

Anawin said he felt bad about the old house's ceiling, but he was more worried about the snake.

He said: "My father has been living in Bangkok and seldom comes to this house so I came back here to check on it.

"When I told him about breaking the ceiling, he did not allow it at first but he was aware of the dangers of having a wild snake inside so he let the rescuers break it at last."

The team was about to leave when they heard another snake slithering above so they had to smash more parts of ceiling to reach a smaller 4ft long serpent, the same species as the first one.

Rescuer Yuen Thongsuan said: "The two golden tree snakes we found may be family. Their venom is not as dangerous as the cobra's but it is still bad to have them in a house."