Snake Couple Mates for 'Three Days Straight'

A couple of Red-bellied Black Snakes in New South Wales were said to be mating for three days straight, according to local Deborah Felvus who posted a video of the pair rolling around under a bush on October 6.

Felvus told Storyful that she shot the footage on the second day of the copulation session.

According to Australian wildlife officials, the Red-bellied Black Snake’s mating ritual “consists of the male holding the female down with the head and twisting its tail around the females’ body.” The process “can take anywhere from hours to days,” officials say.

Posting the video on Facebook, Felvus wrote: “Coexisting with the wildlife on my works premises. The red-bellies have been mating for two days solid now on the edge of our walk path. Signs are put in place warning colleges to be aware they are there.” Credit: Deborah Felvus via Storyful

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