Smoke From Western Wildfires Blows Across United States

Wildfires predominantly centered in the US west had burned some 1.29 million acres (2,021 square miles) in 13 states, federal authorities reported on July 20, with the smoke spreading across the country.

Though large blazes like the Bootleg Fire in Oregon are located thousands of miles from the eastern seaboard, residents in New York City awoke on Tuesday to a hazy sky that officials said was caused by wildfire smoke.

This visualization, released on the evening of July 19 by the National Weather Service, showed the forecasted path of smoke across the continental US and parts of southern Canada.

“Smoke from the Western U.S. and Canada is causing periods of reduced visibility across the northern half of the country, including Western and North Central NY,” the NWS wrote in a Tweet. “Smoke will continue over the region through Wednesday morning, before a cold front helps push the smoke east.” Credit: National Weather Service via Storyful