Smoke Rises in Libyan Capital Amid Clashes Between Rival Groups

Violent clashes broke out in Tripoli on Saturday, August 27, amid rising tensions between armed groups loyal to rival Libyan political factions.

The United Nations (UN) mission in Libya said it was deeply concerned about the clashes and “indiscriminate shelling with medium and heavy weapons” by the militias in civilian neighborhoods. The UN said multiple people were injured.

The health ministry issued an urgent call for blood donations, “to save the lives of those injured as a result of the clashes taking place in the capital.”

A graphic photo of the body of a man identified as the comedic actor Mustafa Baraka circulated on social media. Storyful has not verified his identity or condition, but Malek Merset, an emergency services spokesperson, told media that the comedian was shot in the chest.

As many as seven people were reported killed by Saturday afternoon, but the death toll was not confirmed by government officials.

The deadly violence, which began on Friday, is the culmination of a week of building tensions between rival forces vying for power in the capital, according to media reports.

Video filmed from the Ben Ashour area of northern Tripoli on August 27 showed smoke rising around Nashnosh mosque. Credit: Shoala Al-Horia via Storyful

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