Smoke Billows From Fire at Matanzas Oil Tank

Dozens of people were injured after a lightning strike started a significant fire at an oil tank in Matanzas, Cuba, on Friday, August 5, according to officials.

Matanzas government officials reported that 77 people were injured and 17 people were still missing as of Saturday morning. The President’s office confirmed that the missing people are firefighters who were working near the blaze.

“Extinguishing the fire may still take time, but recovery strategies are already being outlined,” said Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez. He also thanked several other nations, including Mexico and Venezuela, for providing aid, and the United States for “technical advice.”

The fire threatened power supply for the island, which was already experiencing an energy crisis which spurred government scheduled power outages that began the previous week, reports said.

Video streamed by local resident Kristoff Kriollo shows smoke billowing from the fire on Saturday. Credit: Kristoff Kriollo via Storyful

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