What to do if your smartphone's overheating

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Beware of smartphone overheating, which could cause serious damage to the device's internal components.

In warm, sunny weather, heavy use of your smartphone can quickly cause the device to overheat. Often due to excessive exposure to the sun or abnormally high battery activity, overheating is never harmless and can cause damage to several of the device's components, from the battery to the processor or even the screen. It is therefore a good idea to know what to do when your smartphone starts getting too hot.

As a general rule, you should avoid exposing your smartphone to too much sunlight. To cool your phone quickly if it starts to burn your fingers, you should put it in a cool place -- at least in the shade -- set it to airplane mode and momentarily remove its case.

Day to day, at the first sign of overheating, you should always take care to temporarily switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS, as all these connections consume a lot of battery power. When in doubt, a simple reboot of the device can often be enough to cool it down adequately.

Finally, if the phone regularly overheats, it is better to use the built-in battery saver function. In Android, you need to go to the Battery menu in Settings, and choose a power-saving mode. In iOS, you need to select the Low Power Mode in the Battery section of the device Settings.

Meanwhile -- and also for general phone maintenance -- you should regularly update your operating system and applications. A simple bug can make an application very energy intensive, which an update can correct.

Finally, overheating can also be due to the presence of a virus, malware or even malicious cryptocurrency mining software on your phone. In this case, you should consider using an antivirus and uninstalling then deleting all suspicious applications.

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