Smart Lane: Does PLUS allow you to drive on the emergency lane?

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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11 — If you travel interstate on the North-South Expressway (PLUS) during festivals and public holidays, you’ll know that the roads can get super congested. Did you know you can legally drive on the Emergency Lane on PLUS highway at certain stretches? One “feature” which hasn’t been getting a lot of awareness is PLUS’ Smart Lane that are activated during peak hours and festive seasons.

The Smart Lane initiative was first introduced as a test on the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) back in 2019 to overcome traffic congestion along the Setia Alam route to the Shah Alam Toll exit during peak hours. Essentially, all lanes including the emergency lane will be opened up for traffic which aims to help ease traffic flow and reduce congestion by 30 to 40 per cent.

Following the test, the Smart Lane activation has been extended to more locations along the PLUS highway and this helps especially along stretches where there are only two lanes. You can look out for the yellow sign which reads “PENGAKTIFAN SMART LANE” as shown above.

How to use the Smart Lane on PLUS Highway?

The Smart Lane is activated only at selected stretches on the highway. While driving, do look out for the yellow PENGAKTIFAN SMART LANE signs which illustrate the open lanes as well as the applicable time.

To enter the Smart Lane, move to the left-most lane when it is clear, and then proceed to move to the Smart Lane when there are no other incoming vehicles. Stay alert and do look out for vehicles who may be using the lane or stalled vehicles on the sides. While using the Smart Lane, do keep to the speed limit and look out for other vehicles that may merge in or out of the Smart Lane.

Since the Smart Lane uses the emergency lane, the lane is narrower and you’ll have to watch out for large and wide vehicles which may protrude into the Smart Lane.

Don’t forget to look out for the End (TAMAT) point of the Smart Lane. Once the Smart Lane ends, you’ll have to switch to the right lane. The length of each Smart Lane ranges from 400m to 10km. PLUS has provided a video below to show how to use the Smart Lane.

PLUS has activated a total of 14 Smart Lanes during CNY 2024

For Chinese New Year 2024, PLUS has activated a total of 14 Smart Lanes from Penang to Johor. Here’s the list of Smart Lane locations:

1. Bukit Tambun to Plaza Tol Juru (KM150.9 to KM150.5 – North) – 400m – 8-9 February 2024 2pm-7pm

2. Bandar Cassia to Sg Bakap Lay-by (KM155.3 to KM156.0 – South) – 700m – 17-18 February 2024 2pm-7pm

3. Gua Tempurung to Gopeng (KM306.7 to KM297.0 – North) – 9.7km – 8-13 February 2024 10am-6pm

4. Slim River to Sungkai (KM367.3 to KM354.0 – North) – 13.3km – 8-13 February 2024 10am-6pm

5. Sungkai (354.0 to KM356.0 – South) – 2.0km – 11-13 February 2024 10am-6pm

6. Rawang R&R to Sg. Buaya (439.5 to KM435.5 – North) – 4.0km – 8-13 February 2024 9am-7pm

7. Petron exit ramp, NKVE to Subang (KM11.2 to KM13.3 – North) – 2.1km – Daily except Saturday, Sunday and Holiday 6.30am-9.30am

8. Nilai hingga Seremban R&R (KM280.0 to KM276.0 – South) – 4.0km – 8-13 February 2024 8am-7pm

9. USJ Overhead Bridge Restaurant to Seafield (KM6.1 to KM8.1 – North) – 2.0km – 8-13 February 2024 8am-7pm

10. P. Dickson to Seremban (KM260.0 to KM263.1 – North) – 3.1km – 8-12 February 2024 11am-10pm

11. Air Keroh to Kg. Bemban Lay-by (KM194.5 to KM184.0 – South) – 10.5km – 8-13 February 2024 2pm-6pm

12. Kulai to Senai (KM27.0 to KM19.0 – South) – 8km – 8-18 February 2024 8am-6pm

13. Senai to Kulai (KM19.0 to KM27.0 – North) – 8km – 8-18 February 2024 8am-6pm

14. Dato Onn to Pasir Gudang (KM4.5 to KM1.9 – South) – 2.6km – 8-13 February 2024 9am to 7pm

As usual, have a safe drive during the festive season and adhere to the speed limit. Plan your journey and ensure you have sufficient Touch ‘n Go eWallet (for RFID usage) or TNG card credit to avoid any inconveniences. If you’re driving an EV, do check out our Long-Distance travel guide for EV road trips below. — SoyaCincau