Are smart fitness mirrors the future of home workouts?

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Home workout enthusiasts have more and more smart fitness mirrors to choose from.

For home workout enthusiasts, it can be tricky to follow classes on a phone, tablet or TV. Whether the screen is too small, or the experience is too impersonal, motivation can soon fade. Lately, a trend growing has emerged for smart mirrors specially designed for sports and fitness. With this kind of home accessory, you can enjoy an experience as close as possible to working out with a fitness trainer at the gym, all from the comfort of your own home.

After smart bathroom mirrors, capable of analyzing skin and hair, it's another kind of connected mirror that's now taking over our homes -- fitness mirrors.

This kind of home accessory is designed to substitute your personal trainer at the gym (you know, that place you never set foot anymore since you now spend your days working from home) by offering fully customizable sports sessions. You can choose your activity (yoga, cardio, strength training, zumba, etc.), your level of difficulty and the duration of your class. The movements and exercises to perform are displayed on the mirror, equipped with a front-facing camera and speakers that allow a virtual coach (or artificial intelligence) to observe you and correct your movements and postures if necessary. At the end of your session, all kinds of information is displayed on the mirror's touchscreen to evaluate your performance.

You don't need to have a lot of space to install this type of accessory. Most fitness mirrors can be wall mounted or positioned freestanding.

Mirror + monthly subscription

Fitness mirrors tend to cost €1,200 to €2,000. To this amount, you'll need to add a monthly subscription of a few dozen euros, allowing access to all the classes, sessions and exercises. The different brands in the sector offer options including joining online classes, one-on-one training sessions or partner workouts. In the United States, many companies already have fitness mirrors on the market, including Mirror, Tempo and Echelon.

High-tech sports mirrors are growing in popularity, as are smart wellness mirrors. These use sensors combined with artificial intelligence to evaluate the skin or health of a user. Maybe one day we'll have smart mirrors all over the house...

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