Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Trouble on Orange County Beach

A small plane made an emergency landing on a beach in Orange County, California, on January 4, after experiencing engine troubles, police said.

Kathy De Bernardo, who recorded video of the landing, told Storyful that she was fearful as the plane landed.

“My reaction was that of fear for all of us. It looked like it might come down on us, when it flew on top of us, then my concern was for the houses nearby. No one was hurt. I have never seen anything like this before especially in this area,” De Bernardo said.

Seal Beach Police Department said the aircraft, a Cessna 152, was towed from the beach and released to the owner. No injuries were reported, and there would be no investigation due to the limited damage and lack of injuries. Credit: Kathy De Bernardo via Storyful

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