Small number of Reform votes will hand seats to SNP, Tories claim

Even a small number of votes for Reform UK will see the SNP handed seats in Scotland, the Conservatives have claimed.

The party has continued its warnings against its traditional voters defecting to Nigel Farage’s party on the eve of polling day.

Opinion polls indicate the SNP and Labour are engaged in a two-way race north of the border, with seat projections suggesting the Tories may hold on to the same number of seats they won in the previous election.

In recent days, the party has urged Scottish voters not to shift to Reform.

Craig Hoy
Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy urged Tory voters to stick with the party (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Party chairman Craig Hoy said: “Many seats in Scotland are a straight contest between the SNP and Scottish Conservatives.

“In those key seats, no other party can win. Reform, Labour and the Lib Dems are simply too far behind.

“Even a small number of votes for Reform could lead to big wins for the SNP.”

Despite polling suggesting a Labour surge, Mr Hoy appeared to suggest it is his party that can inflict a defeat on the SNP.

“The opportunity is within our grasp to hand the SNP their worst election defeat in more than a decade, but just a few people choosing to vote Reform could put all that at risk,” he added.

“In key seats up and down Scotland, only a vote for the Scottish Conservatives can beat the SNP and get the focus on to the issues that really matter to you.”

Chris Law, the SNP’s candidate for Dundee Central, said: “The Tories are finished in Scotland, and they deserve everything they have coming to them.

“While the Tories are facing a near extinction event across the UK, the only way we can make sure we send them packing in Scotland is by voting SNP, who are the main challenger in every seat north of the border.”