Small Dog Lands Unscathed After Leaping From Second-Floor Window of Maryland Home

A small white dog survived a leap from the second-floor window of his owners’ house in Odenton, Maryland, on May 21, walking away unscathed before being returned home.

Susan Diaz DiFilippi’s home-security camera captured the moment her family’s dog, Gizmo Peabody Smalls, flew out of her daughter’s bedroom window, on the second floor of the townhouse. Once on the ground, the dog walks away apparently undisturbed by the plunge.

The video goes on to show how later that day, two people brought the dog back to the building.

“So my dog jumped out of my window today,” DiFilippi’s daughter, Haylie, posted alongside the video on Twitter.

DiFilippi told Storyful that the dog liked to go out, but the family usually kept him indoors. “We don’t know why he jumped out the window,” she added.

“Later on we took him to the vet, where he received a good bill of health due to no injuries and was put back on jump status.” Credit: Susan Diaz DiFilippi via Storyful