Small buy to make your day: This £7.50 candle will give you a luxurious spa feel at home

Anya Meyerowitz
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This £7.50 candle that will give you a luxurious spa feel at home. (M&S)
This £7.50 candle that will give you a luxurious spa feel at home. (M&S)

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Creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity has never felt more important than now.

With the pandemic keeping us all in lockdown, children to homeschool, work schedules to adjust and family members to FaceTime, we all deserve the chance to switch-off and relax.

We might not all have a space where we can shut ourselves away for a precious moment of calm, but today’s small buy of the day will help bring some serenity to you.

M&S’ Calm Scented Candle makes it easy to create the atmosphere of a luxurious spa experience at home with its soothing aroma.

The Calm candle is crafted with sweet orange and lavender essential oils, given a note of warmth with cedar wood and a dash of tranquillity from clary sage.

Packaged in an elegant apothecary style glass container, it also makes an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home even when not in use.

And while most luxury candles will set you back at least the cost of an over-priced takeaway, the M&S candle costs just £7.50.

Buy it: Calm Scented Candle | £7.50 from Marks & Spencer

The reviews from people already enjoying the uplifting tranquility of this buy speak for themselves:

“I love this range of candles especially Calm. Burns well and the scent just makes me feel good,” writes one happy customer.

Another adds: “I love the simple style of it and the brown glass container, plus it smells lovely.”

While a third gushed: “They last really well and the smell is heavenly.”

So, dim the lights, put on some relaxing music and grab yourself a ginger shot, the home spa has well and truly opened.

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