Slow-Marching Climate Protesters Pushed, Shoved to Ground During London Action

Climate activists from Just Stop Oil were confronted by an angry bystander in London, UK, on Friday, May 19, who ripped banners from protesters’ hands, and pushed members of the slow-marching group, knocking one person to the ground.

Footage recorded by Just Stop Oil shows the altercation on Mansell Street.

A man can be seen approaching the group, before ripping banners from the hands of several protesters and pushing them.

The Metropolitan Police said they were made aware of the protest at 8:17 am on Friday morning.

Conditions to leave the road were placed on the protest at 8:30 am and protesters subsequently left, police said.

No arrests were reported. Credit: Just Stop Oil via Storyful

Video transcript


- [INAUDIBLE] the right.

- And I'm telling you that I have a basic-- I am defending my basic right to protest. And I'm defending my right--

- I-- I-- understand that.

- --to a livable future.

- But for your safety and the safety of people trying to use this road, I need you to move off of the road. You've got to understand that from my-- my position.


- And I just want you to understand that from my position, I am afraid for my future. I am afraid that the continued licensing of oil and gas is going to kill us. And if you want to talk about safety, then you should be marching with us.

- It's been caused by the group that had just turned right at the traffic light.