Slovakian parliament unanimously approves resolution against political hatred

Slovakian parliament unanimously approves resolution against political hatred

The Slovakian parliament reconvened for the first time on Tuesday since the shooting of Prime Minister Robert Fico almost a week ago.

In a landmark resolution, all 130 MPs in attendance voted for all political parties, civic organisations, and media to respect election results and refrain from spreading hatred against the democratically elected government.

The move follows a public outcry over the attack on the PM, which many say, stemmed from an atmosphere of toxicity and lies surrounding Slovak politics.

Prime Minister Fico remains in serious but non-life-threatening condition at the F.D Roosevelt Hospital in Banska Bystrica, central Slovakia, where he was carried after being shot multiple times.

He underwent a five-hour surgery immediately after the attack, followed by another two-hour operation last Friday.

Medical staff said he "remains conscious and communicative".

Meanwhile, the investigation into the attack continues. A male suspect was detained immediately after the incident on Wednesday.

Following a police search at his apartment, a court ordered the suspect to remain behind bars.

Government officials initially maintained that the shooter was likely a lone wolf. However, on Sunday, they said that he might have had assistance from someone else.