Slovakia backs Hungary’s stance to block EU’s financial aid to Ukraine

Robert Fico
Robert Fico

Slovak PM Robert Fico, following a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban, announced his support for Hungary’s position against amending the EU budget to allocate EUR 50 billion ($55 billion) in aid to Ukraine, Ukrainian news outlet European Pravda reported on Jan. 16.

The Slovak PM also echoed Russian propaganda, stating that the Russo-Ukrainian war “has no military solution” and that Russia supposedly “will maintain military control over Donetsk and Luhansk” and will not leave occupied Crimea.

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“Let's find some other method to solve this problem, but if someone thinks that by investing EUR 50 billion and sending hundreds of new units of weaponry we will solve something—then we will solve nothing,” said Fico.

Previously, Orban had stated that Hungary opposes granting Ukraine EUR 50 billion in aid over four years, claiming it to be a “violation of the sovereignty and national interests of the EU.”

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The EU is set to consider the aid package at a European Council summit on Feb. 1.

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