‘Slouchy and hateful’: Piers Morgan, Henry Winkler and other celebrities react to historic Trump mugshot

Celebrities from across the entertainment industry have reacted to the latest development in Donald Trump’s sensational legal battle.

The former US president was booked and released in Atlanta’s Fulton County jail on Thursday (24 August), amid 13 charges of attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election in the state of Georgia.

Following his arrest, Trump shared an image of his mugshot on X/Twitter, constituting his first post on the social media platform in two years. Trump was banned from the site in January 2021 but his account was reinstated after Twitter was purchased by Tesla tycoon Elon Musk.

Alongside the mugshot, Trump also shared a link to his personal website, and the message: “Election Interference. Never surrender!”

The picture marks the first time a current or former president has ever been forced to complete a police mugshot.

Celebrities including Mark Hamill, Piers Morgan, and Henry Winkler have offered thoughts about the news on social media.

“Wonder if he’s tired of winning yet,” wrote Star Wars actor Hamill, alongside the mugshot and the hashtag “#MAGAMugshot”.

Earlier that day, Hamill had also shared a quip punning on his Star Wars catchphrase: “May The Fourth Arrest Be With Him.”

Former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan claimed that Trump had “proudly” shared the mugshot with followers.

Former President Donald Trump is shown in a police booking mugshot released by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office (via REUTERS)
Former President Donald Trump is shown in a police booking mugshot released by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office (via REUTERS)

“Trump’s first tweet since January, 2021.. proudly posting his own mugshot,” he wrote.

Earlier in the day, Morgan also predicted: “Trump’s mugshot tonight will send social media into an anaphylactic shock.”

Author and poet Seth Abramson gestured to the fact that Trump’s campaign website had already started offering donors a T-shirt with the image of his mugshot on.

“Photoshopped image that removes Fulton County Sheriff’s Department logo so you can sell $35 tees to the poors [Tick emoji]. Accusing others of the crime you’re charged with [Tick]. Insisting you’ll never surrender under a photo of your surrender [Tick]. Looking orange, slouchy, violent and hateful [Tick],” he wrote.

Happy Days actor Henry Winkler also picked up on the merchandising aspect, writing: “How will T….p use his mug shot to make money???”

“The tee shirt is already for sale !! Omg,” he added shortly after.

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