Slighted Annuar opts not to attack 'friends' who labelled him 'dead'

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Slighted Annuar opts not to attack 'friends' who labelled him 'dead'
Slighted Annuar opts not to attack 'friends' who labelled him 'dead'

BN secretary-general Annuar Musa does not want to retaliate against his colleagues in Umno even if slighted by their criticism.

The Ketereh MP said this is just part of politics and he stands by his principles on Umno.

"There are some who have asked me to speak about my friends' attacks on me, specifically from the south. I have many friends there... individuals whom I think highly of.

"I do not want further attacks amongst ourselves. What more, I do not have any vendetta against anyone. Even if I feel slighted, it is okay, this is politics.

"After all, they are individuals far greater than me who is considered (politically) 'dead'. I believe they are honest and will continue fighting for the party," he added in a Facebook posting today.

In the posting, Annuar also attached a fake poster which stated that the veteran politician would leave Umno for Bersatu.

A few days ago, Johor Umno deputy president Nur Jazlan Mohamed described Annuar as a figure who is "already dead" in Umno but does not want to jump to Perikatan Nasional.

Nur Jazlan was commenting on Annuar’s remarks in an interview with Umno information chief Shahril Hamdan, where the Ketereh MP had claimed that some party members had forgotten that Umno was a party which had lost in the last general election.

On that matter, Annuar said he chose to be straightforward when asked about party issues and he understood if it was misinterpreted.

"I chose to speak the truth and be straightforward. Maybe it easy for me to be misinterpreted. It is okay, sometimes the truth takes time.

"I understand everyone sincerely wants Umno to succeed, but the methods may be different. We celebrate the difference, I may not necessarily be correct.

"But my heart is strong enough to say that Umno must strengthen our cooperation in politics and stand together," he added.