Slick Roads Cause Collisions in Southern Ontario

Snow made roads slick and caused vehicle collisions in southern Ontario on Friday, March 10, police said.

Video posted by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division shows conditions on Highway 401 near Trafalgar Road, where five vehicles were involved in a collision on Friday morning, the department said.

“Slow down if you are on the roads. Stay home if you can,” the division wrote on Twitter. Credit: OPP Highway Safety Division via Storyful

Video transcript

- Well, winter is back, and we've got problems here, Highway 401 westbound, and this is just at the beginning of the express lanes as you approach Trafalgar Road between Mississauga and Milton. Jackknifed transport truck, we got a five-car crash just down the way there as well. I'll be heading over to that one shortly.

We've got lots of problems all across the region. The roads are super slippery right now. Please be careful out there. Salters and plows are out there, but there's a lot of traffic as well, slowing down a lot of the salting and plowing operations. Please be careful. Take care. And again, if you can wait till the system is done before you head out, I think you'd be well served.

This is highway 401 westbound. I'm here with Officer Boylen from the Mississauga OPP. What do we have here?

- We have a five-vehicle involved collision. So three of them are transport trucks, two of them are vehicles. Luckily, minor injuries on the drivers. All express lanes closed right now due to a transport truck that was jackknifed, shutting it all down.

We have the emergency services on scene. All drivers are OK, but the roads are bad due to the snowfall. So once we clear it off, we're going to get MTO to clear off the roads, and we'll open it up soon.

- That's it. All right, please, the roads are super slick. If you don't need to be out here, please stay home, wait for the system to pass. If you're on the roads, drive with extreme caution and care. It is really challenging out here for driving.