This sleepy silkie chicken struggling to stay awake is all of us on Monday mornings

This sleepy chicken struggling to stay awake is all of us on Monday mornings. Bunchy the 1-year-old silkie chicken has a habit of nodding off no matter the time or place. Courtney Williams living in Barnstaple, UK, managed to record the moments her chicken was defeated in the battle to keep her eyes open. She said: "She became a house chicken for a while before she got introduced to my other chickens so most of the clips are filmed in my house. The video clips were taken over the span of a year. "All of the videos were taken after a long day of her running about but she's always done the can't keep her head up thing when she's tired. "She's not a house chicken because of it, she's just a super friendly, tame chicken so I have had her at home a lot especially when I had just bought her because she couldn't go straight in with my other chickens. "My other chickens get on with her very well but they move a lot faster than her so when they're out of sight she stands there and cries so she has to be picked up and taken to them. "It melts my heart every time she does it because it's very sweet." The silkie chicken is named after its fluffy plumage of hair on top of its head which typically feels like silk or satin.