Sleeping sea lion comically wakes up to belch at fish market

The Galapagos Islands are beautiful and enchanting for many reasons. The animal life is fascinating and the relationship between people and the wildlife is one of respect and coexistence. It's no surprise for residents of Santa Cruz Island to find one of these loveable creatures parked on a bench at the market, sleeping as if he has not a care in the world. The tourists love these animated clowns and they photograph and video them at every opportunity. This sea lion was snoring away when he suddenly woke up and belched loudly, much to everybody's amusement. These sea lions live near the fish market and they show up daily, hoping for scraps and handouts. Their antics delight those who visit these islands. Although it is well understood that feeding the animals can upset the balance and interfere with nature, occasional scraps fall to the floor, especially when the pleading eyes of the sea lions gains them a little sympathy.

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