Sleek and silver: Virgin Galactic's new spaceship

Sleek and silver, this spaceship may one day be blasting you into orbit.

Virgin Galactic unveiled its new spaceship, the VSS Imagine on Tuesday (March 30), the first of the company's latest generation of commercial spaceships.

Virgin founder Richard Branson:

''I can't wait to see Imagine flying. The spaceship is going to start ground testing first and then it will start with its test flight program in the summer. Having both Unity and Imagine up in the skies will be an exciting time for us all."

The VSS Imagine is finished entirely with a reflective mirror-like material, which provides thermal protection.

Branson says the spaceship will begin the process of ground testing soon, with a test flight program following in the summer from Virgin's Spaceport America in New Mexico.

"Our hope for all those who travel on this spaceship is that it will offer new horizons, fresh perspectives and spark ideas that will bring positive change to our beautiful planet."