Sky glows orange after Lithuania pipeline blast

STORY: "The pipeline itself is quite old," said Vitkauskas. "We are talking about the pipeline, which is about 40 years old. So, I think it's very likely that it is a technological failure."

Lithuania gas transmission operator Amber Grid said there was no immediate evidence of an attack.

A video published by Lithuania's broadcaster Delfi TV showed a fire raging at the blast site in the Panevezys county in northern Lithuania. The fire was put out, the Lithuania pipeline grid operator's chief executive Nemunas Biknius said.

The supply of gas was cut off but the CEO of Amber Grid said the blast had damaged one of two parallel pipelines sending gas from Lithuania to Latvia and that Amber planned to restore supply by using the unaffected one.

Lithuania, like war-torn Ukraine, borders Russia and is situated on the Baltic Sea where the Russia-to-Germany Nord Stream gas pipelines were destroyed by explosions last year.