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Is Your Skin Looking Dull? Try These Beauty-Boosting Collagen Drinks

Chances are, you've seen collagen drinks popping up everywhere: in beauty publications, in your supplements, maybe even in your Kardashian-branded latte. And for good reason. Studies have found that collagen supplements can have a positive effect on skin health, specifically by improving skin's elasticity. No wonder celebrities like Jen Aniston and Busy Philipps — and social media influencers everywhere — are collagen-crazed. The stuff works.

Most supplements contain collagen from either mammalian-derived sources (beef, chicken, and pork) or marine-derived sources (from either farmed or wild fish), although there are also vegan supplements designed to boost your body's natural production of collagen. While collagen can be injected, applied topically, or taken as a supplement, we think the easiest way to get your daily fix is through ready-made collagen drinks.

Here are our current favorite collagen drinks to boost your skin, nail, hair, and joint health and keep that summer glow rockin' year-round.