Skateboard prodigy Sky Brown plans to be dual Olympic threat

Skateboarding prodigy Sky Brown has fully recovered from a 2020 accident

and is ready to expand her Olympic skill set

(SOUNDBITE)(English) SKY BROWN AFTER BEING ASKED ABOUT HER SURFING DURING PANDEMIC, SAYING: "It's been really fun surfing, 'cause I love surfing as much as I love skating and, I actually want to compete in surfing next year for the Olympics. Well next, not next year, next Olympics, in Paris. That would be really cool."

Brown will be the only female member of Team Great Britain

when skateboarding makes its Olympic debut in July

despite sustaining serious injuries from a fall in 2020

(SOUNDBITE)(English) SKY BROWN AFTER BEING ASKED ABOUT HER SERIOUS INJURIES, SAYING: "I'm feeling, I'm feeling stronger actually, 'cause what doesn't kill you makes you stronger but, yeah, it was a pretty hard time. I'm good now and I'm still skating, which is good.” FLASH “The message is be brave, be strong, have fun, and do it 'cause you love it, and don't let anybody stop you."