Sixth Annual Variety500 Unveiled: The 500 Most Important People in Global Media

The media and entertainment world has never had it easy, but 2022 was a whole new level of difficult. As the world looked to shake off a pandemic that won’t entirely go away anytime soon, an economic malaise gripped the globe and made many different industries sweat. While it’s still unclear whether what we’re all going through should be labeled a recession or not is almost besides the point; getting consumers to part with their disposable income for content is particularly challenging at a time when people are cutting back on what they spend.

Which is why this year’s Variety500 feels especially important. The individuals on this list deserve a pat on the back for excelling in their jobs at a time when it’s tough to break out from the pack and distinguish oneself. To start exploring who made the cut in 2022, visit the Variety500 portal.

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If the macroeconomic environment wasn’t unforgiving enough, this year’s honorees also have so much to contend with regarding the trials and tribulations endemic to showbiz. The streaming wars are brutal, with no end in sight. Trust in the news media is at all-time lows. And thanks to COVID, the movie exhibition business is never going to go back to what it once was.

Which makes the achievements of the individuals selected for this year’s Variety500 all the more remarkable. It takes consummate professionals to excel under trying circumstances. Luckily, there was no shortage of them, be they executives, directors, producers, writers or actors. What becomes more apparent with every passing year is that the industry’s stars are the multi-hyphenates who can shine with more than one skill set.

Choosing who is going to make the Variety500 is certainly no enviable task. We take year-round submissions and have year-round discussions about who is and isn’t going to make the cut, constantly re-evaluating as new developments occur. For more on our internal selection process, you can view a full rundown here.

What we take considerable pride in is our search for not just the best of the best in the U.S. but around the globe. 38 different countries and territories are represented on this year’s Variety500. While 70% are stateside and the U.K and Canada are second and third-place finishers, we’ve really combed the planet once again this year to bring together honorees from countries as far-flung as Libya, Singapore, Cuba and Malaysia. The entertainment industry is an increasingly global village, and this list surely reflects that.

What we take considerable pride in is our search for not just the best of the best in the U.S. but around the globe.

Variety500 has established itself as the most authoritative accounting of power in an industry of incredible global influence. No wonder there’s constant conversation both inside and outside Variety about who is going to make the list this year; the jockeying for position that was once contained to a month or two now plays out 12 months a year. Variety500 editors are always happy to hear a pitch. Feel free to send one to; work on the 2023 edition is already underway!

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