Six ways to boost your home WiFi connection

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This year has shown us just how essential a reliable and fast internet connection is for our daily lives, whether for work or leisure. Here's some basic advice on how to get the most out of your internet connection in these exceptional times.

Choose the best spot for your internet router

To get the best from your WiFi connection, you should ensure that your router occupies a central position in your home, in a clear area (not in a closet) and away from other wireless equipment.

Add one or several routers

To enhance your WiFi connection, you can always add another router to your setup, which will improve the WiFi signal range and quality. This solution is ideal for large homes, or houses with thick walls or other obstacles to wireless networks.

Switch frequencies

As a general rule, most operators offer different frequencies. Try changing the channel to select the 5GHz rather than a 2.4GHz frequency configuration -- it's less used and thus less overloaded.

Secure your Wi-Fi network

Overloading your WiFi network prevents it from working optimally. Avoid sharing your password with neighbors or others, and protect your network from hackers. It's best to encrypt your connection, ideally via Wi-Fi Protected Access. Make sure that you pick the WPA2 protocol (or WPA3 for latest models). And choose a complex password -- which you should change every three months to be extra safe.

Limit simultaneous connections

The more devices connected to your WiFi, the more your network will be saturated. Try assigning users to different frequencies offered by your internet provider, or prioritize daytime work needs over streaming TV, for instance.

Switch to 4G

If your domestic connection is too slow, you can use a 4G smartphone as a WiFi router. Connect your smartphone to your computer and choose the "Hotspot" option in the phone settings. However, don't forget to take into account the amount of internet use allowed by your mobile phone package so as not to exceed your authorized limit.

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