Six-year-old Indian dreams of skating professionally

STORY: (Zarah Ann Gladys Madambi, Indian skateboarder)

"I fall many times, but I sit for some time and then I will go again to the skatepark until I get the trick."

Six-year-old Zarah took up skateboarding two years ago

She has since taken part in local and international competitions

winning titles at the UAE’s Aljada Skate Jam and Abu Dhabi’s Circuit X

(Zarah Ann Gladys Madambi, Indian skateboarder)

"I love to win, when I win it makes me happy and it makes me brave, and it makes me smart."

Zarah learns new tricks through watching videos on YouTube

She dreams of becoming a professional skater

(Chintu Davis, Zarah’s father)

"As her father I need her to achieve heights in any sport, whatever she is doing, it should be recognized by others, so we planned to start an Instagram page, and we make normal updates, videos, whatever she is doing and slowly it reaches people, they like the videos."

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