Six Nations bonus points system explained

The Six Nations has had a bonus point system since 2017 with attacking rugby rewarded and potentially decisive in the final standings in 2023.

There is a bonus point if teams score four tries or should they lose by seven or fewer points.

The bonus points system has been prevalent in domestic club competitions, the Rugby World Cup and Rugby Championship for some time, but it took a little longer for the Six Nations to adopt it.

That’s because of the potential for teams to win the grand slam with five victories, although the bonus points system would previously allow a beaten team to surpass them.

So, to avoid the potential for a team to win all five games and still lose out on the title, should a team win four games with a bonus point and then lose one match by seven points or fewer or score the four try bonus point, then three more points will be awarded if a team can win every single single match in a championship.

A Grand Slam winner would therefore have at least 23 points, an insurmountable total against any other team.

Six Nations bonus points system

Four points are awarded for a win.

Two points are awarded for a draw.

A try bonus point is awarded for scoring four or more tries in a match.

A losing bonus point is awarded for losing by seven or fewer points.

If a team scored four tries in a match and loses by seven points or fewer, they are awarded both bonus points.

Three points are awarded to a team that wins all five of their matches, i.e. a Grand Slam.