Six killed as Israeli forces raid West Bank camp

STORY: A raid by Israeli forces on a refugee camp in the West Bank city of Jenin on Tuesday left at least six Palestinians dead.

Among them was a Hamas gunman suspected of shooting two brothers from a Jewish settlement near Huwara last week.

Witnesses said gunfire erupted when residents saw Israeli soldiers get out of a truck overlooking the camp.

They later surrounded a house and used shoulder-fired missiles against the building, said the Israeli military.

Along with the six dead, several others were wounded - including one member of the Israeli police force.

A funeral procession was held for the dead - as the Israeli military identified the gunman as Abdel-Fattah Kharusha, and said his two sons were also detained.

The shooting in Huwara last week sparked a backlash from settlers described as a “pogrom" by a senior Israeli commander.

The village was the scene of more violence Monday night.

This CCTV video shows Israeli settlers attacking a Palestinian family outside a supermarket.

They were shooting at us with live ammunition, said Omar Khalifa.

His wife was in the back of the car with their daughter Tia - this video shows her crying as she's treated from tear gas spray.

We could have lost my daughter, he said. There was real danger to our lives.

Israeli forces have killed more than 70 Palestinians since the beginning of the year - including militant fighters and civilians.

At least 13 Israelis and one Ukrainian woman have been killed by Palestinians during the same period.

U.S. officials continue to call for calm... but there is no sign the violence will let up.