Sistine Chapel replica opens in Mexico City

STORY: The replica, made up of thousands of high-resolution photographs of the masterpiece frescoes arranged in equal proportions to the original building in the Vatican, opened its doors on April 21 and will remain open to the public for three weeks.

During its first week, the exhibition received more than 150,000 people visitors

Visitor Erika Anaya told Reuters she enjoyed the exhibition.

“Fabulous. It was very informative and above all it gives us an idea to believe in something, right? (The replica serves) to have a broader idea and more information about all the art there. I think we really need to be informed about the cultural part of it (Sistine Chapel). It's wonderful and if we can't go there, it came here."

The replica commemorates the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the Mexican state and the Vatican.

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