'I need to get my sister out': Afghan interpreter

"All I just want is for her to be safe from out there."

Hamudullah Ehsan is a former Afghan interpreter for the U.S. Army, living in California.

And he’s says he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get his sister out of Taliban-controlled Kabul, where she remains with her husband and infant child.

Just one of the many Afghans who fear the Taliban will return to the harsh version of Islamic law enforced while when the group was last in power, 20 years ago.

“The Taliban, as I told you, they've never been changed. I cannot compare them to the animal. (An) animal is much better than them. I cannot compare them to any human being on the planet. They're more dangerous than anyone you think of."

He’s says he saw what was coming, and got his mother and two siblings out of Afghanistan just weeks before the Taliban marched into Kabul.

They are now registered with the United Nations refugee agency in neighboring Tajikistan.

He says he’s put his sister on an evacuation list, but she hasn’t been called by the U.S. government to go to the airport.

Ehsan worked with multiple army units in Kandahar from 2008 to 2012.

He’s been in California with his wife and two children since 2015, on a Special Immigrant Visa.

In addition to his sister’s safety, and human rights, he fears reprisals against others like him that worked with the West, despite the Taliban’s assurances.

"I have a lot of the videos. They're knocking (on) people's doors. They're asking for interpreter, asking for people that are in the military, asking for all those people and they're going to kill them."

"If I would be there now, of course, they're going to find me and they're going to do something. But thank God I'm here."

In their first news conference after taking Kabul, the Taliban said women would be allowed to work and study "within the framework of Islam."

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