Sissy Imann says sorry to Naim Daniel over breakdown

27 Jan – Sissy Iman recently took to social media to apologise to her duet partner (and also cousin) Naim Daniel for her recent breakdown, which had to do with the negative criticisms they received in the recent episode of a reality show.

On 25 January, the singer-songwriter posted a photo of her and Naim from the previous performance, admitting that Wednesday should be the day where they would finalise the concept for their performance, sometimes forgoing sleep to ensure everything is ready.

"But this week, my mind is a blank. No song. No visual," she posted.

"We promised to face any possibility together long before the competition started, but I'm sorry because I couldn't be as strong as you. I'm sorry because you have to face all the questions alone. I'm sorry for all your calls and messages that I didn't answer before when all of this should be our responsibility together. All of a sudden, you have to take the lead now," she expressed.

At the same time, Sissy also apologised to the media and friends whom she didn't respond to since the said performance, saying that she, too, is currently stuck in the dark.

"Don't worry. God willing, I will be back. Just give me a little bit of time, okay?" she added.

Sissy and Naim competed in the reality show together
Sissy and Naim competed in the reality show together

It was earlier this week that Sissy decided to donate all of her upcoming album's physical CDs, expressing her heartbreak over the recent criticisms she got in her performance with Naim. The singer stated that she can't look at it without feeling sad, and thus decided to let them all go.

Meanwhile, Naim recently posted a message on Instagram that he would always be there for his cousin through thick and thin.

Cousins stick together
Cousins stick together

(Photo Source: Sissy Imann IG, Naim Daniel IG)